First Woman Pilot of Afghanistan Seeks Refuge Angers Locals

In recent events, the news flashed with a sudden turn off events as it went from congratulating Niloofar Rahmani, 25 for becoming the nation’s first fixed wing pilot to her fearing her life back in Afghanistan and seeking asylum in the US. This comes after her having completed an 18 month training course. According to local leaders, it is unfair because she has made an excuse of herself when she had the chance to

Peace And Tourism Go Hand In Hand In Rebuilding Afghanistan

As a nation, we have such stunning tourist attractions that all of our economy can receive a major boost only buy developing and promoting tourism. As a youth organization striving for peace, we also realize that the decades of war, has left our country bruised and economically very weak. The Solution… This might sound simplistic but the fastest way to bail us out, and put Afghanistan back on the roadmap of prosp