Quest for Peace in Afghanistan

In a country that has been torn by war, mindless bloodshed and conflict for over 3 decades now, mere existence becomes a struggle. When you spend even a single day in such a place and just struggle to get through battling all odds to keep yourself alive, the myriad comforts of life that we take for granted in developed countries become mere figments of imagination. Not everybody has access to quality education, but a very small section of the youth is realizing the futility of war. No conflict however serious, can be worth disrupting the bloodline of a nation, devastating its citizens, wreaking havoc on law and order, and most importantly, making everyday life a ‘survive or die game’.

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A Fresh Lease of Hope

Hope is a powerful fuel, and we believe that it can surpass all kinds of obstacles to reach its destination. In this regard, the power of free thinking and the dynamism of youth are also important elements of bringing about substantial and revolutionary change. We have collectively destroyed our country to the point where it is known only for war and bloodshed. The fact that Afghan civilization happens to be one of the most glorious ones in the history of mankind, has completely been forgotten. We have a spectacular culture, amazing tourism avenues and a host of talent that the world needs to see, rather than being spoken about for all the wrong and negative reasons.