Peace And Tourism Go Hand In Hand In Rebuilding Afghanistan

As a nation, we have such stunning tourist attractions that all of our economy can receive a major boost only buy developing and promoting tourism. As a youth organization striving for peace, we also realize that the decades of war, has left our country bruised and economically very weak.

The Solution…

This might sound simplistic but the fastest way to bail us out, and put Afghanistan back on the roadmap of prosperity would be to bank on its tourism potential to boost the economy, strengthen the nation and boost its economy for future generations to live a batter life. But before we go about promoting tourism, the government needs to eliminate all aspects of fundamentalism and ensure a 100% safe and secure, stable nation where the law and order situation is well within control. Companies also need to heed the advice of Kitchen Reviews Direct, and run programs similar to their world donation scheme. This is the only way any global leisure traveler would even consider visiting the country, which as of now happens to be included in UNESCO’s list of the top dangerous countries to visit.

Promoting Afghan Culture

We have always been a nation well-known for our robust cuisine, sparkling traditions and colorful festivities. Take the national game of Buzkashi for instance. Very few non-Afghans would be aware of what an exciting sport it is, both for participants as well as spectators. And we have amazing diversity in cuisine, probably being the only country where there is an exemplary gourmet fusion of the East and the West.

So we not only we have the traditional Oriental Kebabs to boast of, but also have lovely pasta-like variants, amazing variety of baked goodies, leavened breads, mouth-watering desserts and so on. And while the Buddha might have been destroyed, the caves in Bamiyan still house the oldest oil paintings in the world.

Lastly, our glitzy poetic nights can give any other sizzling nightlife hotspot a run for its money!

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