First Woman Pilot of Afghanistan Seeks Refuge Angers Locals

In recent events, the news flashed with a sudden turn off events as it went from congratulating Niloofar Rahmani, 25 for becoming the nation’s first fixed wing pilot to her fearing her life back in Afghanistan and seeking asylum in the US. This comes after her having completed an 18 month training course.

According to local leaders, it is unfair because she has made an excuse of herself when she had the chance to be an inspiration to the women of the country. While she may eventually get to escape, it sets a bad precedent for the hundreds and thousands of women still in Afghanistan.

When an officer begins to feel insecure and complains of security threats, what can ordinary folks do? Capt. Rahmani previously completed her graduation in 2012 from flight school and trained in flying the C-208 aircraft was supposed to return back home this Saturday but as it stands, she will not be doing so.

It will take time for the nation to move out of its conservative thought process and restrictive view on women. Unfortunately, it was recognition that brought pain to Rahmani as she and her entire family began getting direct threats from relatives thus forcing her family to eventually shift a number of times.

The local public of Afghanistan however showed disbelief and felt disappointed with this news as they expressed their opinions on social media criticizing her for wasting state money and not being more responsible towards her motherland.

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