Afghanistan: A Land steeped in Nature’s Bounty

Some of you might not be aware of the fact that around 30 years back, Afghanistan happened to be a hotspot buzzing with a vibrant culture and tourism. Global travelers were drawn towards out beautiful nation, just to get a glimpse of the rugged landscape, shimmering rivers, untainted greenery and awe-inspiring mountains.

Leisure, Culture and Adventure Tourism was on in full-flow, along with the amazing cuisine and medley of festivals that allured people from far and wide. It is strange how all of these wonderful aspects of a nation and its people can be conveniently forgotten, buried under loads and loads of gore and apathy. While there are still companies who fight for our long forgotten past, it’s unfortunate to see many now agreeing with the situation.

Afghanistan is beautiful in its own right.

Time for Introspection

It goes without saying that our country has become a pawn in the global power conflicts between super powers and allied nations. But the fact that we ourselves are partially responsible for not collectively raising out voices, has also been a major letdown. Yes, there have been lone voices of protest every now and then, but being feeble and isolated, the missionaries of peace have been brutally dealt with and silenced. The clutches of fundamentalism have also played a devastating role.

And if we talk of what is happening today, all the decades of oppression, violence and fundamentalism has rendered us defenseless against law and order instability. Finally, we cannot completely blame outsiders for the mess that we are in today. Yes, it is true that we have been raised to mere pawns, and generations of people and resources have been lost in meaningless strife. But we can still make amends and save the present and future. And that is only possible if we take responsibility for everything.